Welcome to Mappy’s documentation!


This project is under active development. This means it is often updated and the documentation might somtimes be out of sync with the plugin itself.

Mappy has been developed for teaching purposes and some operations might be computationally intensive on large datasets. This is especially true for the generation of the clean contacts. See also warnings in Generating the polygonal map.


This plugin was developed as the result of the PLANMAP project (N 776276) and is now maintained thanks to the EUROPLANET-GMAP infrastructure (N 871149) and supported by the JANUS camera team of the JUICE mission (ASI-INAF 2018-25-HH.0).

Mappy is a QGIS plugin that simplify some useful operations needed to create geological maps by the point-and-contacts principle:


Mappy features a map generation dialog and a dedicated toolbar that can be used during mapping to quickly regenerate your map. This is the suggested way to work with mappy and its use is documented in Quick start tutorial.

If you want to know more of the idea behind this tool, get an overview of geological mapping with GIS have a look at the Mappy rationale section.

Mappy also features ad-hoc providers that can be reused for different projects and to generate your maps by calling the appropriate algorithms from the toolbox. Find out more in the Toolbox algorithms section.