Installing Mappy

Via the official QGIS plugins repository

The plugin has now been contributed to the QGIS Python Plugins Repository to make installation easier. To install it just launch QGIS and find the Plugin Manager under Plugins ► Manage and Install. Under Settings remember to enable Show also experimental plugins and refresh the plugin database with Reload Repository. Under All you should now be able to find mappy


If you experience problems installing Mappy and you already had a previous version of the plugin installed (e.g. during the PLANMAP-GMAP Winter School) you might try to remove the previous version of the plugin before proceeding with the normal installation. Very early versions of the plugin might indeed cause conflicts with the currently packaged version.

From GitHub zip package (for the latest release)

If you want to try the latest version available, you can use the pre-generated zip packages that can be installed in qgis by using the plugin manager. Download it from Releases and install the zip using the plugin manager. Releases marked as latestare automatically in sync with the master of this repo. Tagged releases (e.g. named v0.1.2) should be considered as stable versions, although the plugin itself is still largely experimental.